EPoS for Fashion Retailers

Specialists in the development of e-commerce integrations & reporting

  • Fashion Retailers like you need a system that fits!

    We have extensive experience working with fashion retailers nationwide, and during the last 10 years we have been able to help a number of key customers to streamline their businesses.

    Microsoft Dynamics RMS & LS ONE

    With Microsoft Dynamics RMS & LS ONE you can analyse seasonal trends, use Matrix Items, create your own catalogue, and introduce a Loyalty scheme and a host of additional features.

  • Integrated e-commerce stores

    We also specialise in the development of e-commerce websites with the industry-standard Nitrosell system. This system allows you to easily integrate your e-commerce website with your existing stock management system and point of sale system. This means that every time you make a change in your stock management system or your point of sale system (e.g. change stock quantity or change product price), your website is updated automatically. This allows you to save a huge amount of time, and ensure that your website is always up to date.

  • Customised Modules

    At Positive we have developed a number of custom modules that integrate with the industry-standard Microsoft Dynamics RMS platform, and that are specific to the fashion retailers industry sector.

  • The SO Tracker Module

    The SO Tracker Module for Microsoft RMS allows retailers to track special orders in Store Operations from initial order entry through delivery to the customer. SO (Special Order) Tracker runs within Store Operations POS while a Special Order Report in Manager can be used to monitor and manage orders. Users can also run SO Tracker in Manager or in standalone mode to view special orders in progress.

    To learn more about the So Tracker module, please download our brochure by clicking here.

  • The Autogen Module

    The Autogen module for Microsoft RMS allows you to automate producers that would otherwise be time consuming. For example, the Autogen module will allow you to automatically generate Item Lookup Codes, and categorized Item Lookup Codes, create a Special Order department and autogenerate special order ILCs for use in POS, automate a tagalong item to be assigned to new items in a specified department, and much more.

    To learn more about the Autogen Module, please download our brochure by clicking here.

  • The Power Ops Module

    The Power Ops module for Microsoft RMS is an all-purpose utility that provides enhanced search capabilities, matrix management, custom ILC generation, pricing tables, new item wizards, and quick access to suppliers at POS.

    To learn more about the Power Ops module, please download our brochure by clicking here.

  • The V.I.P. Zone Module

    The V.I.P. Zone Module for Microsoft RMS is designed to replace most F7 Customer functions in POS with an enhanced version. Example functionality provided by the module is: Dropdown filters by location, advanced lookup options by Last Name, Last Name + First Name, or Phone, quick scan lookup by Account number, Company, Last Name, First Name, or Phone and much more.

    To learn more about the V.I.P. Zone module, please download our brochure by clicking here.

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