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PSS Are Trusted & Certified Partners For Microsoft Dynamics, LS Retail, Nitrosell E-Commerce, SAGE Accounting, RMH & Microsoft Business Intelligence.
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Retail Excellence Ireland Gold Strategic Partner 2018 – 2019

Positive System Solutions (PSS) are Microsoft Ireland’s Certified partner for Microsoft’s Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). Positive Solutions supply LS Retail’s suite of products encompassing LS One & LS NAV both globally proven Point of Sale EPOS solutions. Positive supply RMH to retailers who once owned or currently use Microsoft Dynamics RMS, RMH is an authorised migration path for Microsoft RMS.

Larger retailers or retailers who require an end to end ERP solution for Retail can avail of LS NAV from Positive. This solution is used by some of the largest retailers in the world and is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is installed on over 120,000 businesses and LS NAV have over 60,000 installations throughout the world. LS NAV is LS Retail’s flagship product with many ERP modules specific to retail including loyalty, Business Intelligence, Recommendations using Artificial Intelligence & e-commerce.

LS One is Positive’s latest full featured Omni channel stand alone retail management solution, we have specific integration to back office management solutions should your business require ERP for Retail.

Integration between your EPOS, Accounts and e-Commerce is a must for competitive forward focused retail, distribution and SME businesses throughout Ireland and the U.K. Having these channels integrated to one solution is true Omni Channel Retailing.

Positive using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LS Retail Technology for total cloud ERP for Retail. Speak to us today for more information on ERP Solutions.

Positive Solutions partner with SAGE for SME Business Accounting, they are a leading global accounting software provider. We integrate Accounting Software with RMS, LS One and NitroSell for e-Commerce to provide a full featured Omni-Channel solution. This gives you a solution comparable or better than what the biggest and best businesses in the world use without sacrificing quality or usability.

We support, maintain & consult on Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (Microsoft RMS) LS One  & LS NAV from LS Retail, LS ONE is a Microsoft Dynamics RMS’s Migration Path Successor. We are trained, product specific experts who know as much as there is to know about Microsoft RMS, LS One and LS NAV.

We support all functions of RMS and LS One including HQ, Store Operations and have many add on modules such as Advanced reporting, Stock modules, Service modules, e-commerce &web-store integration.

Positive Systems Solutions also support cloud add-ons for RMS/LS One including many business intelligence and visual dashboard retail reports. We also have modules to hold and access your data in the cloud giving you a truly enterprise class product.

Cloud Solutions

Why are small and medium-sized businesses moving to over to cloud computing? The answer is simple: Cloud computing allows your business to stay flexible.

Nitrosell eCommerce

E-Commerce is now standard practice for any successful business but a standard e-commerce site will not get you results or increase your turnover.

ePOS Systems

In your search for the right POS system you’ll be comforted to know that an EPOS till does everything a cash register does. So what’s the difference?

MS Office & RMS Support

Positive Systems Solutions courses for Microsoft Office 2007 through to Office 2012 will teach you basic to advanced features of these Business tools.

SAGE Accounting

Irelands favourite accounting software just got better. Sage 50 is now Sage 50c meaning that you have a hybrid solution to both run on premise and in the cloud.

Stock Management Solutions

If your business needs to track and manage stock or complex purchasing and stock management. All Orders from Positive Solutions and number cruncher is what you need.

Solutions to Help Stream-line Your Business

Call us today if your business needs expert support or consultation for LS ONE, LS NAV, Retail Management Hero, Microsoft RMS, Microsoft Dynamics AX for RetailSAGE 50c, QuickBooks or Nitrosell e-Commerce. If you are looking to gain meaningful insight to your business data contact us today we are one of Ireland’s foremost industry experts in analysing retail data.

Positive Solutions look after the Information Technology in your business so you can get on with running it. We supply easy to use and understand Retail Software Point of sale solutions to aid in the smooth running of your business. We do everything in our power to make your business successful in the way we know how through the use of technology. We cannot sell for you, we cannot count your stock and we cannot close out your end of year, but what we CAN do is supply you simple to use technological tools to make it easier simpler quicker and better. We can do that and we do it very effectively.

Positive Solutions provide advice, consulting, project management, customisation, installation, support and training on Point of Sale Hardware & Software, Accounting Software, Business Intelligence and e-Commerce. We also provide Support on networking, security and general Information Technology. If you want to compete and win in Retail you need Omni-Channel Retail Technology from Positive Solutions. Don’t take our work for it ask us for some customer references.

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