RMH at Gerry McGuire’s

PSS and Client in-store

Looking for a shoe store POS system? Check out our latest implementation with Gerry McGuire’s designer shoe and handbag boutique in Mayo. Because you can’t have enough friends or pairs of shoes!

A Q&A with Nuts & Grains  

Marion Owner of Nuts & Grains

Marion, owner of Nuts & Grains gives us the low down on her business and how she saves HOURS of admin time thanks to the Shiptheory auto-ship module for RMH.

Mini Marathon Fundraiser

The ladies of PSs are taking part in the year’s mini-marathon. They are running a mini-marathon fundraiser for the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

The humanitarian needs over the coming months will be massive.

The Red Cross urgently need more funding to continue its courageous work. Donate Now

Retail EPOS System Buyers Guide

Retail EPOS System

An EPOS system is the beating heart of your business and operations. Finding the best retail epos system can be challenging.
The right POS system can manage everything from purchasing, inventory management, customer accounts, staff tracking and much more. Check out our top tips when researching epos systems.

How Central Sports scaled profits with WebSell

How Central Sports scaled profits with RMH and WebSell Fully independent and family-run, Central Sports was founded over 20 years ago and has been at the heart of sports retail in the west of Ireland since. The business has built a loyal customer base and has seen phenomenal online growth in recent months: At the […]

How to deal with difficult customers in retail

How to deal with difficult customers in retail How to deal with difficult customers in retail 5 top tips for retailers. As an SME it can be challenging to know how to deal with difficult customers. Dealing with angry or disgruntled customers is probably the least favourite part of any retailer’s job. The process can […]