It’s been a very busy past few months here at Positive; Firstly, we have been working diligently with our Partner LS Retail not only on LS One but also LS NAV.

Focusing on what our solutions brought to the customer experience we spoke extensively about the changing landscape in Retail and how, Mobile was a real disruptor. Positive utilize the retail technology of LS Retail who have some powerful mobility solutions including Mobile POS and Mobile Inventory to help your store manage all day to day Inventory activities. The Mobile POS, putting the full power of your POS on a mobile device allowing you the retailer to walk, select, update and sell with your customer while on the shop floor.

Mobile only truly works if you have a powerful e-commerce platform to drive this. Today we announce the release of LS One integrated to Nitrosell. Nitrosell has been our go to integrated solution ever since Microsoft Dynamics RMS was the only retail product we worked with. Having Nitrosell work with LS One has been a mission of ours for over a year now and thankfully today we announce that release.

Omni-Channel retailing is the pinnacle of modern retailing and using LS One, Nitrosell and Positive Solutions you are truly Omni and ready to provide the best customer experience you can.

Talk to us today so we can start with you your Omni Channel journey, all with Retail Technology you can trust.