The Business

Energlaze was launched in 2012 with a commitment to promote and implement cost effective energy saving technologies for homes and business. They are an Irish owned Company providing a Nationwide service with offices in Dublin, Cork & Wexford. Energlaze is a new generation of energy efficient window glass using the latest technology.

The Challenge

EnerGlaze approached Positive Systems Solutions with specific areas in their business that needed some additional focus. Their business has grown immensely and now the need to manage their accounting function from various locations was imperative. They were looking for a way to manage their quotations, sales ordering system, and job flows all online, in the cloud. A system that could manage all the business’s finances, QuickBooks Online included everything EnerGlaze needed to track quotations, invoice customers, pay vendors, manage payroll and reconcile bank accounts.

The Results

Positive’s hands on approach made installation easy. EnerGlaze now benefit from processing real time quotations and invoices which are visible immediately to all key personnel. Because of the easy bank import facility, immense time is saved keeping their bank transactions accurate and up to date. The ability to import seamlessly bank transactions directly into the QuickBooks eliminates errors and time delays and also allows them export up to date accurate information to Excel. They also wanted the help of a qualified accountant to set the system up correctly and give Energlaze the correct processes to keep everything in check, Positive’s QuickBooks expert is also a trained Accountant with years of industry experience.

The chart of accounts and procedures for the system were all implemented by Positive’s qualified accountant consultant in an easy to use and follow manner. Some of the additional benefits can be seen below.

EnerGlaze are currently experiencing the following benefits

  • Precise Money Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Easy Reporting
  • Financial Planning and the Company’s Future
  • Easy management of expenses with automatic data pulling from your bank and Excel worksheets
  • Simple report generating and export to Microsoft Excel for maximum financial control
  • Convenient project estimates and billing
  • Easier tax preparation by gathering all tax information in one place
  • No special accounting experience required

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