The Business

Marlay Park Pharmacy is a brand new venture, part of a new chain of pharmacies. They supply a wide range of pharmaceutical items, prescriptions, perfume, over-the-counter drugs and a full front of shop section with many line items.[divider]

The Challenge

Marlay Park Pharmacy approached Positive Systems Solutions with specific goals in mind. As a new venture they wanted to make sure their business processes were as efficient as possible. They required a system that would manage their all of their front of shop items and sales, and their prescription items. This information then needed to be tied together in the back office so they could easily manage their inventory, stock handling, staff, and purchasing.

From here the system needed to be directly linked to their supplier to automatically send purchase orders to re-fill stock levels based on daily sales.

The Results

Marlay Park Pharmacy are very pleased with their new POS system. They plan to roll out Microsoft RMS in all of their pharmacies and utilise the benefits of Microsoft RMS – Head Quarters to manage the group from one system and minimise administration.

Marlay Park Pharmacy are currently experiencing the following benefits

  • All stock items are priced, managed and automatically re-ordered
  • New staff are trained quickly and easily
  • Inventory and Stock administration is completed automatically
  • Staff have much more time to focus on customers and taking orders while administration is handled by the system
  • Management Tasks require minimal time and effort
  • Business expanding rapidly

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