Texaco Emyvale

Texaco Emyvale Co Monaghan is in business for as long as people can remember the business is a family run convenience and fuel store. Being a rural business McQuaids have to stock a diverse range of products and goods not just petrol diesel and argi-fuel, they have many loyal customers and customer service is paramount to them. Making life easier and having what their customers need is all what this business is about.

Stock Management

Texaco Emyvale approached Positive Systems Solutions with specific requirements. They needed a modern robust system to manage the accounting aspect for the business. Texaco have many agricultural clients on account and being rural many customers around the business prefer to be on account as to make life easier for them. Also being a fuel business keeping track of this element and taxation is extremely important and prior to installing QuickBooks Pro this was a cumbersome exercise and extremely time consuming.


Managing supplier and customers was not as straight forward as it could be and also time consuming. Texaco Emyvale Co Monaghan needed a solution to free up time to speed up process, offer better reporting and serve customer needs better in the business and to offer a defined pathway for their accounting software.

Margin Monitoring

Being a fuel business where margin monitoring is paramount being off by one half a percent could take away all the margin Texaco Emyvale needed a software solution that would monitor and make them aware of any changes to margins. Not only has this helped the fuel but the convenience side of the business has benefited to greater clarification to how much they need to achieve on product.

Invoice Verification

Texaco Emyvale needed to be extremely efficient in invoice verification and matching QuickBooks allows them to match, track and trace invoice from Purchase through to sale in one system. Invoices are verified easily in QuickBooks  saving hours of invoice matching from suppliers and their old system.

Positive’s hands on approach made moving to QuickBooks Pro easy. Texaco Emyvale now benefit from managing all aspects of the business with a robust accounting package. Taxation issues are now resolved and a simple process is now in place to handle this. Management of customer accounts is seamless and easy to use and statements and invoice are easily tracked, traced, printed and e-mailed to client. Supplier management which was time consuming is managed easily in a tenth of the time previous.

They also wanted the help of a qualified accountant to set the system up correctly and give Texaco Emyvale the correct processes to keep everything in check, Positive’s QuickBooks expert is also a trained Accountant with many years of industry experience, .

The chart of accounts and procedures for the system were all implemented by Positive’s qualified accountant consultant in an easy to use and follow manner. Some of the additional benefits can be seen below.

Texaco Emyvale Monaghan are currently experiencing the following benefits

  • Stock Management improvements
  • Integration of accounting system
  • Ability to effectively Monitor Margin
  • Invoice Verification
  • Easier tax preparation by gathering all tax information in one place
  • No special accounting experience required

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