The Business

Valu Xpress is a convenience store located in Longford. It is imperative to my business to know the exact stock situation in Quantity and Value. With RMS I can generate Purchase Orders and various Financial reports in seconds.

The Challenge

Valu Xpress approached Positive Systems Solutions with specific goals in mind. They were looking for a way to increase profitability by streamlining their business processes which required a system that would manage their sales orders from point of sale straight through to inventory and stock handling, a system that would also manage staff, sales promotions and purchasing.

With that in mind, they also wanted flexibility while being easy to use and easy to train staff on.

The Results

Positive’s hands on approach made installation easy. PSS replaced the legacy system with Microsoft RMS, implementing it in-store from start to finish.

Valu Xpress are very pleased with their new POS system, with managing director Henry Vaughan quoted as saying “it’s like having another man on board!”

Valu Xpresss are currently experiencing the following benefits

  • All stock items are priced (with such a large item inventory there was occasionally ambiguity of prices for items, which wasted time and cost them money on incorrectly priced items)
  • New staff are trained much quicker
  • New staff training is cheaper
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Management tasks are completed much quicker
  • Staff have much more time to focus on customers and taking orders while administration is handled by the system
  • Business expanding rapidly

Valu Xpress are now integrating their system with Microsoft RMS – Head Quarters which will give them the ability to manage all of their stores from one system.

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