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Conns Cameras

Conns Cameras is a family-run business that operates out of a single specialist shop based in the heart of Dublin city. The business has been around for more than 50 years, and has built a reputation for great customer service. Many of the Conns team have been with the business for more than 15 years, so developing a rapport with their regular customers is second nature to them.

“You can’t beat Amazon on price, so you have to beat them on your knowledge, your service, and your ability to solve problems.”

Gareth Craig, IT & Communications Manager at Conns Cameras.

A Winning Collaboration

We at Positive Retail brought Conns Cameras to the attention of WebSell, our integrated eCommerce partner. We have been working with the guys at Conns for a number of years. Positive Retail is the leading distributor of the Retail Management Hero (RMH) Point of Sale system in Ireland, and Conns have used Retail Management Hero [RMH] in-store for many years.

“We have been working with Damien and the team at Positive Retail for years, through periods of significant upheaval in our industry and retail. Their advice and no-nonsense approach is greatly appreciated. We know we can trust the recommendations they give us, because they don’t sugar-coat any shortcomings, and are happy to admit if unsure of something or they need to check the details before giving an answer.”

– Gareth Craig, IT & Communications Manager at Conns Cameras.

WebSell specialise in creating e-commerce websites connected to RMH and is the leader for businesses looking to connect Retail Management Hero [RMH] to their site. Working with both Positive Systems Solutions and WebSell was Conns best path to success.

A custom solution was needed to deliver a site that set Conns Cameras apart from the competition. Along with connecting to RMH, there were many other integrations and developments to consider. Have a look at their journey in the video:

“The whole implementation process was very practical and encouraging. The collaborative approach was brilliant and made things very easy. Development and communication proceeded smoothly and allowed us to launch on schedule before a busy Christmas season.”
– Gareth Craig, IT & Communications Manager at Conns Cameras.

Being able to closely integrate our offline and online sales has proven to be particularly vital in the last 12 months as the retail landscape changed utterly in the face of a global pandemic. We’re aware that we aren’t even using the full capabilities available from the tight integration of Retail Management Hero [RMH] with WebSell, but being able to change information in one place and know it will seamlessly replicate from our local database on the Retail Management Hero POS system to the website is very reassuring. The biggest impact though has definitely been how simple and quick the ‘Get Web Orders’ feature on the point of sale makes the processing of online orders that much easier.

Gareth Craig, IT & Communications Manager at Conns Cameras.

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