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Retail Technology Consultants

Are you seeking unbiased retail technology guidance and advice?

Positive Systems Solutions provide expert retail technology consulting for single-store retailers right through to enterprise clients. Retailers who work with Positive gain insight from specialist retail technology consultants, business advisors and project managers.

With over 16 years of industry experience, Positive is the partner of choice for retailers wanting to maximise their commercial and customer engagement opportunities through trusted retail technology.

Positive is solely focused on the retail industry, providing a variety of information systems and technology services including point of sale, ERP, e-commerce, omnichannel retail and retail software development.  

Consulting Services

Software Selection

Acquiring new ERP or POS systems can be a daunting task, the market is flooded with options making it difficult to know which one is right for your business. Our consultants holistically analyse and gain an understanding of business requirements. Following this a RFP document is created and a curated list of suppliers are contacted on behalf of the retailer.

Retail Best Practices

The best performers in the retail industry consistently do a fantastic job on the basics. Positive is positioned to assess retail businesses lacking in processes and efficiency. We can offer solutions and best practices in key areas such as supply chain, eCommerce, inventory management, promotions, and incentives.

Integration Specialists

Positive can provide professionals that design, implement, and maintain solutions for integration projects that involve multiple systems. If you are working with a suite of disconnected products. Talk to us today to discuss a suite of products which communicate clearly and efficiently.

Project Management

Are you planning an IT or technology project and are lacking resources to project manage internally? Positive can offer skilled project managers to oversee retail technology projects from inception to completion. Talk to our team about your project today.

Inventory Management

All too often companies use ‘rule of thumb’ techniques for inventory management that lead to less than favourable stock holdings. These techniques are not scientific, or factual, and are often based on perception or intangible experience. Our retail technology consultants can assess the business to provide solutions and techniques to maximise efficiency within inventory management.

Omnichannel Retail

In today’s marketplace, consumers demand a retail experience that seamlessly integrates brick-and-mortar stores with digital sales channels. If businesses have not invested in omnichannel retailing, they risk falling short of consumer needs and expectations. Our retail technology consultants can guide businesses through this process and optimise a strategy that aligns with consumer expectations and budgets.

Case Studies

Irish Collaboration- Positive Retail and Ground Wellbeing

Irish Collaboration- Positive Retail x GROUND Wellbeing

Before they collaborated with Positive Retail, the team at GROUND Wellbeing struggled with challenges in reporting and analytics, hindering their ability to harness the full potential of customer data.

Positive Retail stepped in, leveraging their expertise to identify a tailored solution for GROUND. Positive Retail presented to GROUND, Retail Management Hero (RMH), their leading EPOS system, as a comprehensive solution to address their reporting and analytics needs.

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