RMH Auto-ship Module

RMH Auto-ship Module and Shiptheory

Are you copying & pasting order details on courier platforms?

Save HOURS of admin by managing shipping right from your POS screen.

RMH retailers benefit from fully integrated shipping with the RMH Auto-ship Module. This new development connects multiple couriers with sales on POS. Cashiers no longer have to manage orders on a separate system.

Integration is available with 60+ popular courier platforms including DPD, GLS, DHL and An Post.


Benefits of Shiptheory EPOS integration

-Eliminate manual rekeying of online orders

-Stop manually replicating customer details on courier platforms

-Automatically generate and print labels from POS transactions

-Link tracking information to customer accounts

-Email tracking information directly to customers

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What is Shiptheory?

Fully Integrated Shipping At Its Smartest!

Shiptheory helps save you time, money and effort, reducing the number of repetitive tasks you have to perform and helping you process orders faster and more efficiently.


Shiptheory acts as an interface between your sales channels and several worldwide carriers.  Shiptheory will communicate details of your orders and automatically generate and print shipping labels, packing lists and more. By using Shiptheory, you’re ensuring your deliveries are consistent and accurate, with flexible options and payment plans to suit businesses of any and every size.

Automatic Savings

After tendering a transaction from RMH - that has a customer associated with delivery details - it automatically saves the shipment in ship theory and books the shipment with the desired carrier.


When a shipment is booked with a carrier => a carrier-specific label is generated. This label is sent back to RMH allowing the user to save + book shipment and also print the label of the shipment.

Shipping Information

Shipping information - like tracking number - is linked to the transaction in RMH


An email is sent to the recipient with information about the shipping - tracking number so that the recipient can track the shipment.

How does does the RMH Auto-ship module work?

Step One

Download the customer order or scan required items into the tender screen.

Once all items are scanned, complete the order using the “Web Order” tender type.

POS Screen Image

Step Two

The “Web Order” tender type will trigger the Shiptheory module into action.

This will generate the “ShipTheory- Add and Book Shipment page”.

Once triggered, data is pulled from the customer’s order and populated within the Shiptheory booking form.

Step Three

Select the required courier and delivery service, then create and book shipment! 


A carrier label will then be generated, ready to print and ship.


One application, one interface. It’s that easy!

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RMH Auto-ship Module FAQ

Q. What shipping carriers are supported?

The RMH EPOS integration supports the following carriers, DPD, GLS, DHL and An Post.


Q. Do I need my website integrated to use the Shiptheory Add-On?

No, you can use this add-on for all accounts on your customer database in RMH.


Q. How many shipping carriers can I use within the RMH shipping module?

You can have as many shipping carriers as you would like. Within the POS screen, you can select the courier of choice when booking a shipment.


Q. What printer can I use to print labels within the module?

You can print a label on any S4 printer provided the printer is available to the PC running Shiptheory. It is recommended to ask your shipping couriers if they supply a dedicated printer when setting up your account.

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