Shipping Management [PSM]

Courier Integration With Retail Management Hero (RMH)

Fully Integrated Shipping At Its Smartest!

Ship smarter by letting Shiptheory automate your shipping and save you hours of work every day

Eliminate the manual rekeying of online orders with integration to 60+ popular courier platforms including DPD, GLS, DHL and An Post.

ShipTehory is a shipping management platform. You create one account in ShipTheory and you can link multiple carriers accounts like UPS, DPD, FedEx, An Post and many others.

It saves time if a client wants to work with multiple carriers so it does not need to create accounts on every carrier application.

You just link all of them in ShipTheory and when you process a shipment, you can choose which one to use.

ShipTheory, also provides a way to automate your shipping process by using shipping rules.

Positive Systems Solutions Shipping module

ShipTheory Integration

Retail Management Hero [RMH] to ShipTheory integration module does the following:

Automatic Savings

After tendering a transaction from RMH - that has a customer associated with delivery details - it automatically saves the shipment in ship theory and books the shipment with the desired carrier.


When a shipment is booked with a carrier => a carrier specific label is generated. This label is sent back to RMH allowing the user to save + book shipment and also print the label of the shipment.

Shipping Information

Shipping information - like tracking number - is linked to the transaction in RMH


An email is send to the recipient with information about the shipping - tracking number, so that the recipient can track the shipment.

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