Export customers email address list from RMS

If your business sells online or if you gather your customers details on a daily basis you should at this stage have quite a big list of email addresses in your database. In this article we will show you how to export customers email address list from RMS using one of our customised reports. And today as a BONUS you can download this customised report from our website for FREE.

Below is a link, just click it to download, unpack and place in the RMS Report folder on you PC. It is usually placed in following location: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Retail Management SystemStore OperationsReports.

Once you place the report template in the right folder restart RMS Store Operations Manager. You will find it under the usual Reports tab.

Step 1:
From the menu in the Store Operations Manager choose Reports and then Custom. Select Customer List with Email Address.

Customer list in RMS

Step 2:
In the new window adjust filter to your needs, like in the standard report.

Report filtering in RMS

Step 3:
You can now work with your Generated report. Note the Customer Name is now separated into First Name and Last Name column, as well as extra column with email address has been added.

View Report in RMS

Step 4:
To save your Report in Excel file just click export button pointed by the arrow and export as CSV file.

Save customer list in RMS

Step 5:
When the export is completed you will find your excel file in the location where you have save it.

Export Succesful

At any point you can Cancel the process so don’t be afraid to try it. If you feel reluctant you can schedule an one hour appointment with us and will do it for you.

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