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  • Microsoft NAV for Retail delivered by Positive Solutions & ProStrategy

    LS NAV & Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail. Push the boundaries of your business with a fully integrated Retail ERP solution utilizing the Power of Microsoft and Delivered by Positive Solutions & ProStrategy. LS NAV is completely embedded in Microsoft NAV. LS NAV has everything a retailer could need, from POS to Full Financials. LS NAV has all and more your retail business could ever require. 

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV is multi-currency, Multi Company, multi-language  business management solution that helps more than 120,000 businesses worldwide manage their accounting and finances, supply chain, Retail and operations. NAV is a scalable Solution meaning as your business grows so does your Business management solution. LS NAV expands the capabilities of standard NAV for a total specific Retail Management System. NAV can be delivered quickly and easily to suit your business operation, On-premise, hosted in the Cloud or hybrid. Integrated to our Retail Solutions means you have one fully integrated solution from on-line to front house. Positive Solutions & Pro Strategy work jointly on LS NAV implementation throughout Europe.

  • Omni Channel ERP Solution

    LS NAV runs embedded in Microsoft NAV, Microsoft NAV is an Agile solution helping you compete and excel against your competition. NAV will cut through the complexities of modern day retailing, offering you clean and clear insights. Success goes far beyond a ERP management Solution. NAV will compliment your existing business process allowing you true Enterprise Planning. NAV will introduce best practice processes to your business that are Agile and accurate, helping you succeed and beat your competition. Retail is complex and competition is strive, LS NAV removes technology complexities allowing you to run, grow and innovate your Retail Business.

  • Agility | Speed | Decision Making | Microsoft NAV

    Technology plays a vital role in helping retailers capitalise on growth opportunities and respond to the market pressures of today and tomorrow.  In an ever increasing customer-centric fast paced world, retailers need the tools to allow them to react to the constantly changing needs of the customer, they need these tools at their finger tips. Retail, where change is daily, so too must you have the ability to react and change direction instantly. LS NAV is that technology tool, exploit the enormous power of Microsoft ERP for your retail business.

    Microsoft NAV allows you to manage Supply Chain, Warehousing, Employees and Customers with Lightning Speed and Agility.


    LS NAV from LS Retail is the EPOS solution of choice for many of the world’s top brands including H&M, Adidas, Nike, IKEA, Armani,  Duty Free and many more. LS NAV expands Microsoft NAV to offer Retail Management Software this is Smarter, Faster and Stronger, together with Positive Solutions & ProStrategy, you can keep your customers happy and your business profitable. Stop losing customers to your competition, by being able to offer your customers a singular Omni channel solution, You will win back lost customers and give them the experience they deserve, one they are not getting from the competition.

    LS Retail and Microsoft NAV, a product called LS NAV has powerful Promotions and Loyalty built into the core of this solution. Your competition is marketing and selling to your customers. Microsoft NAV will allow you to Market better and win back trade through the many customer focused features Microsoft NAV has built in. Use LS NAV to be smarter than your competition, help your customers get what they want Faster, build your business to be Stronger utilizing technology that’s innovative and build for retail. Call us today to find out how we can help you be Smarter, Faster & Stronger.


    Manage your whole retail enterprise with Microsoft NAV & LS One . LS One can run multiple stores and thousands of POS’s. Integrate with your Microsoft NAV for a complete Omni-channel retail solution. Customer data and product information can be shared seamlessly throughout your organisation, including loyalty and returns at store level. Never again have unhappy customer’s or feed your competition with disgruntled patrons. Cease ineffective customer service. Give your customer the experience your brand showcases.

    LS One delivered by Positive Solutions Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Omni Channel Retailing starts with Powerful Retail Technology, whether your Business started life through ERP or eCommerce , Microsoft NAV and LS is true ERP for Retail.

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) | Microsoft NAV for Retail

    Retailing is Hard Work, fast-paced and ultra competitive. From omni-channel presence to complex stock management to superb customer service, retailers face a lot of challenges and its increasing.

    Omni-channel retailing is a major part of business today: customers the world over expect to be able to access their favourite product and brands, get information and shop through a variety of channels. E-commerce sales continue to grow rapidly while traditional stores are  transforming into show rooms, entertainment centres and hospitality locations. Mobility is expected more and more not just outside the store, through apps and loyalty schemes, but also inside your Store.

    Managing a Omni-channel operation is tough, it becomes even more cumbersome when many disparate IT system are in place to handle the different sides of the business. Different application often cannot communicate properly, creating inconsistent data, waste of time and uncontrolled costs. NAV for Retail allows you to have one system managing the Omni in your business. Harness the true power of technology with NAV and EPOS from Positive Solutions.

  • Mobility | NAV | ERP

    Mobility, delivered by Positive enables you to sell anywhere on your shop floor and throughout your premises at any time using mobile devices. Mobility runs on many platforms including Android, iOS and Microsoft technology, this means that mobility works for your business using already in use, or purchased in house or in pocket technology.

    Inventory Mobility through Microsoft NAV allows you to manage your warehouse and supply chain through the use of Rugged Handheld devices. Control your Supply Chain process including Purchases, transfers and wastage all in your hands and live with your NAV ERP solution. Stock Takes can be live and happen whenever you choose allowing you to have truly accurate stock quantity and pricing information when you need it.

  • Who is Microsoft NAV for?

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps create & manage the Omni-channel experience every retailer is seeking to achieve, a simply expected experience by your customers. Retail and Microsoft NAV are a technology partnership the allows you to excel while others flounder.

    Microsoft NAV enables you to automate your retail business processes across sales order management, stock replenishment and warehouse management to improve efficiency, profitability and deliver superb customer experiences’

    Positive Solutions & ProStrategy can offer a true end-to-end solution for any type of retailer, we have experience  in Fashion, Jewellery, Pharmacy, Homeware, Hobby and Outdoor, Electrical, Garden Centres and many other retail sectors.

    Who is Microsoft NAV for? Well it’s for you of course!


    Microsoft NAV has built in Powerful reporting allowing you to take instant and immediate action from live reporting. Reports such as Sales, Item management, Item Value reports, Sell Through Rates, Variant Reporting, Merchandising & Customer Reports to name but a few.

    Microsoft NAV is a full financial system allowing you all back office reporting in an instant when and however quickly you want it. Many mobile reporting options and apps are freely available for you to report on the move whenever and wherever you choose.

    All reports from Microsoft NAV can be exported to excel for further analysis, Introduce Microsoft Power BI and the world of insights is at your finger tips. Positive Solutions & ProStrategy offer over 30 years of experience in analysing data, speak with us today to discover how we can help you manage and action the data in your business.

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