Microsoft Retail Management System – End of the Line

 Powerful Omni Channel Retail Software from Positive Solutions


If you are already using  Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) you should know that its coming to the end of the road. Maybe you are looking for the best EPOS solutions out there then we’ve got you everything you need.

As Microsoft’s Irish Retail Technology Partner we are well equipped to give you some transparent options. We are also Retail Excellence partners so rest assured we offer quality regulated solutions to all our customers.

RMS going end of life last year (July 2016) was not the best news we could have wished for, but we are where we are. Microsoft’s strategy is to be truly mobile first, cloud first. Microsoft RMS was written on very old technology and simply put could not be pulled into the future without some serious revamping.

Our migration solution for Microsoft RMS is multi location, Omni-channel ready and backed by Microsoft as the preferred migration solution. The big plus for you is that this solution is light years more capable and ready than Microsoft RMS could ever be.  It does make us a little sad to see RMS end – but our excitement as to what our new solution offers far outweighs this.

Loyalty | Full Mobility | E-Receipts | Stock | Customer promotions | Migration from Microsoft RMS | Marketing | Analytics | Integration

All this and more from our EPOS solution.

Not using a solution like this is costing you 000’s per month, and feeding your competition.

Some tips

  1. RMS is alive and well until 2021 “So you can relax and do nothing for a while if you choose”
  2. We are the authorised migration partner for Microsoft RMS in Ireland
  3. Our solutions is Multi – location meaning from 1 to 000’s of stores
  4. Integration to other retail channels e.g. Web Stores & Analytics
  5. We love retail, so call us today

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