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  • Garden Centre – Retail Management System – EPOS

    Garden Centres are a unique Retail Sector that we at Positive have great experience with. Garden Centres have many specific requirements, Managing Customers, Managing Stock, Reporting and Managing the People assets within the business is extremely important.

    Many Garden Centres are Hybrid businesses meaning that, a large portion of their business now involves Hospitality. Having a solution that manages your café along with your Garden Centre is now a must. Trying to manage two businesses under one roof with two or more disparate systems is fraught with aggravation and difficulty. Our LS One Solution manages your hybrid business plus a host of other functionality required to compete and succeed against your competition.

    Your competition, the ones who have an integrated dual and omni-channel solution in their business are taking revenue directly from your tills. Stop this today with LS One from Positive Solutions.

    Great Garden Centres are a destination for their customers to get to, in turn having an Omni-Channel integrated e-commerce with EPOS solution is vital for pushing traffic and footfall into your Garden Centre.  Linking to an ERP solution such as Microsoft NAV covers everything your Hybrid business could want. Full Financials, CRM, HR, POS, E-commerce, Data Analysis all in one solution, this stops your competition reaching into your profits and taking chunks of customers from you.


    LS One Mobile, delivered by Positive enables you to sell anywhere on your shop floor and throughout your premises at any time using mobile devices. Mobility runs on many platforms including Android, iOS and Microsoft technology, this means that mobility works for your business using already in use, or purchased in house or in pocket technology.

    Give your customers the experience they deserve, and won’t receive in your competitions business, sell, analyse and add customers as you deliver exceptional customer service all the while being mobile with them.


    LS One Powered By LS delivered by Positive is a Hybrid system, meaning managing your café or restaurant can be done through the same system managing the retail operations of your business.
    Modification Items, Table Plans, Meal Deals and offers can all be done through LS One the same powerful system running throughout the rest of your business.
    Having one system managing your business means quicker learning for you staff, quicker in back office functions as there is just one system.
    A better experience for your customers as all their details are held in one solution meaning loyalty and promotions can also be linked to your food business. Mobility and the ability to sell at tables can be done through LS One, Mobility will run on many operating systems including iOS and Android devices, along with Windows.


    Completely customise the look and feel of your POS. Include your branding on the POS. Assign Images for even faster and easier cashier use. Use LS One’s powerful loyalty and promotion calculations, making life easier for your Staff and faster for your customers. If you run a dual business, retail and hospitality, LS One will allow multiple screen types for both functions. Garden Centres and Destination Centres are prime examples where advanced Retail and Hospitality functions are required. LS One is for Everyone, and every Retail or Hybrid Hospitality business.


    E-Commerce Integration from the get go!!

    The customer Journey now starts online, 91% of non grocery sales begin on the web. Having an Integrated e-commerce solution working seamlessly with your EPOS system is a must do for success. Your most successful competition have this in place, this integration drives, not only sales on-line but also and more importantly foot traffic into your store.

    Nitrosell and LS One from Positive Solutions is a fully integrated solution meaning that a product, customer, supplier or a sale that happens online, is seamlessly in your ePOS system. True Omni-Channel Retailing from Positive Solutions.

  • Customer Engagement for Garden Centres

    Built in advanced Loyalty, manage your customers and reward loyalty in ways your competition have not even conceived yet. Powerful rewards structures can be set up in minutes and assigned to all or segments of customers. Reward with Points or vouchers and define amount of posits based on whatever you choose.

    Use Infocodes to quickly gather demographical and geographical information or any other type of data related to customers. You can later report on this and strategize and devise plans specifically and customised for your customers. Infocodes are also used to track and manage any functions on your system that you feel need answers to, such as why are you discounting a sale or opening the cash drawer.

    Customer Accounts, Give credit accounts and manage your debtor ledger directly from LS One. Create unlimited number of account types and reward or segment your customers per any structure you choose.

    Built in CRM allows you to take specific information on customers and to action the data usefully. Buying behaviours, seasonality, and analysis can be derived from your customer data. Your competition is mining their data and targeting their customers with specific related offers. This type of targeting increases customer engagement and spend per customers by 61% on average.

    Is your competition doing this and you are not? If so you are 100% giving your profit to the competition.


    Garden Centres have many specific stock management requirements.
    1. Perishable goods
    2. Food & Beverage
    3. Large sales area – some Garden Centres are 000’s of sq. Metres in size
    4. Stock in multiple locations
    5. Large database of products
    6. Live goods – Pets and aquarium
    This is a tiny sample of some of the requirements that your Garden Centre faces in managing your stock. Not even touching Replenishment, Labelling, Supply Chain or making sure you have the right product at the right time for your customers who wants a fast check out and experience. LS One from Positive Manages these requirements with easy. If your competition is doing this already or a portion of this, you need to be better than what they are doing. LS One has these features out of the box so no need for costly customization. Your competition who don’t use LS One are seriously behind your capabilities.


    Build in, Import and Export of all your product data in LS from Positive allows you to make mass changes on practically every field on the item Card.

    Garden Centres have large Inventory files and managing price changes, descriptions, seasonality, sale pricing, promotions and a host of other item attributes can be tedious line by line. Using LS and its data management import functions these onus tasks can be complete in familiar Microsoft Excel and Imported in a jiffy.

    Manage your customers in unlimited groups to segment and break out your clients can easily be achieved through LS One from Positive. Unlimited Items Variants (Matrix Items) meaning that you can create matrix items to any specification you choose.  Examples Size, Colour, Season, Style, Brand, Soil type plus anything else you wish to create. Create one Master (Matrix Item) and all the permutations lightning fast in LS One, saving you time and energy in the process, Create labels for newly created items, or items just received again saving hours of manual work labelling your products.

    Manage all your data in one system, Stock, Customers, POS, Sales, Promotions & Loyalty, LS One from Positive is Simply faster, Smarted and Stronger than any other solution out there.


    A very real issue Garden Centres face is the sheer scale and size of some of these premises, even a moderately sized centre has issues around managing stock and mobility.
    Positive have a keen understanding of this, we have mobility for managing stock, stock takes and transfers, to item management & price changes. These functions can be achieved through LS One from Positive on many platforms including Android, iOS and Windows devices, using LS’s Omni modules.
    Item Management on the fly using a mobile device is a real bonus our mobility module has, linked live to your Data changes happen instantly.
    If you have multiple sites Inter-store transfers and transfers to warehouses are handled easily through Mobility.

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