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QuickBooks Pro 2016

QuickBooks from Intuit is the worlds leading company in accounting software. The software has many great features and it is easy to use at the same time.

Like all our software we can train, install and support QuickBooks for your business – all for considerably less than other accounting products within the marketplace. Our QuickBooks trainers are qualified accountants with many years of industry experience.

QuickBooks has everything that your business need – from stock to balance sheet QuickBooks has all the features you’d expect from a really intuitive accountancy package. Not to forget we have integration between QuickBooks and our EPoS product – Microsoft RMS.

All-in-One Solution for PoS & Accounting Software

Quickbooks Accounting & Stock

    • New QuickBooks 2016 with many new and exciting features
    • Integrate QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics RMS from Positive Systems Solutions for a truly full featured solution
    • Let RMS handle your POS functions and stock and let QuickBooks manage the accounting element of your business
    • This integration could not be simpler and gives you ERP for SME at a fraction of the time and effort

QuickBooks Online – The next generation of Cloud Accounting. QuickBooks Online Plus is Intuits offering of an online accounting solution. Frequently it has been reviewed as the #1 cloud based accounting software due to its customisable features and ease of use.

As more businesses realise the benefits of cloud computing, over 1.48 million small businesses are switching to cloud based accounting software and moving to QuickBooks Online Plus. It is packed with simple to use accounting features and reports that are generally only found in desktop versions of accounting software.

QuickBooks Online Plus covers all that you need to manage your business efficiently from any location on almost any platform, 24 hours a day.

•Cloud Accounting – You can now make any place, your place of business with a QuickBooks cloud accounting solution via multiple platforms (PC, MAC, Tablets and Smartphones) You can work and collaborate anywhere there is an Internet connection, maximizing productivity
•Hassle free setup – Fast and Easy setup, customisable to your requirements with the ability to import data from desktop accounting packages including Sage, TAS Books and MYOB. It takes only minutes to get up and running and managing your accounts.
•Create Invoices on the go – Create customisable Invoices directly from QuickBooks Online and print or email direct to your customers from any location
•Stay on top of your expenses – Expenses recording made simple, with options to attach photos of all receipted expenses for better recording
•Gain insights into your business – Create up to 65+ customisable reports that are easy to understand and simple to share with your accountant, banker or business partners.
•Share your information – Up to 5 user licenses can be created allowing staff or bookkeepers/accountants secure access to your accounts for easy assistance on complicated accounting issues. There is no longer a need to pass files back and forth.
•Updates and Backups are a thing of the past – For a simple monthly fee of € 29.00 there is no yearly software upgrades to purchase or online storage costs for backups as all this is included in the monthly fee
•It’s safe and secure – You can count on the same security and encryption that banks offer for you accounting information.
•Affordable – The only accounting software with all the features you need for an affordable low monthly price of just € 29.00
•Intuitive new features – These make it easier to access your accounts more efficiently and simple saving you time and money.
Why switch to QuickBooks Online

A move to cloud-based accounting is gaining a support among SMB clients with over 61% of SMBs adopting cloud technology of some description. Accountancy online is seen as the next way of gaining competitive advantage for a growing business. Over 80% of cloud users agree that it would streamline services and enhance efficiency within the business. These efficiencies come from anytime access to the accounts, Invoices being created directly from the accounting package, the ability to see immediately overdue invoices and bills to better manage Cashflow.

What the Professionals have to say about QuickBooks.

Forbes.com In the next few years it’s inevitable that you’re going to replace your on premise accounts system for something cloud-based. QuickBooks Online is by far the most popular accounting application for SMBs and deservedly so – it’s full featured, easy to use and well supported.

PC Mag None of the competition can match QuickBooks Online for all-around excellence, nor its strengths in the most critical of accounting functions, and for that it retains its Editors’ Choice award for another year.

Investor Junkie.Com If you are serious about your business, my recommendation is to start with QuickBooks Online. Don’t be fooled though, just because it’s an online application its feature set is not limited. QuickBooks Online is fully featured, and in some ways rivals the desktop edition.

Expert Reviews .co.uk QuickBooks Online is designed to be useful whether you do your accounts yourself, keep financial records so your accountant can log on to process them, or you are an accountant.

Financials oft.about.com QuickBooks Online software saves time and can reduce the need for an accountant. You will find a good set of features for most new and many existing small businesses in this online accounting software without being overwhelmed by unneeded modules. The ability to expand to more powerful accounting software if your business grows is helpful since there will be no problem with importing all customer, invoicing and other account data. On that basis we’re giving QuickBooks Online 4.5 stars out of 5.

New Features of QuickBooks 2016

  • Improved speed for lightning fast Accounting software
  • Create your own customised e-mail templates
  • Track e-mail history from within QuickBooks
  • Income tracker
  • Email Invoices, Estimates and Purchase Orders
  • Attach files to transactions so you have a full view of all information relating to transactions.

Getting Started With Quickbooks 2016

Create your own branded invoices

Create your own branded professional invoices, branded invoices will impress clients it brands your business and it helps get payments faster from your clients.

  • Choose from professional invoice design templates or create your own
  • Add your logo and customise the design and layout of your invoice templates
  • Send the invoice fast directly from QuickBooks by email and even easier if you have Microsoft Office Outlook installed, or print it out and post it.

Track sales, expenses and profit

Check your company’s vital signs in real time:

  • See the money going in and out of your business in real time
  • Understand where your cash goes and how to manage it effectively
  • Monitor sales and identify your most profitable areas quickly and easily, management reports and graphs help you manage and make informed business decisions immediately

Easy VAT returns – Revenue recognised

Tackle your quarterly, yearly or monthly VAT return with confidence and ease. No more last-minute rush to find crucial receipts or information.

  • Create VAT returns in minutes – using data already stored in QuickBooks
  • File your VAT returns online – no forms to complete, QuickBooks does it for you
  • Automatic VAT adjustments – handle refunds and other changes via the VAT exception report

Company Snapshot and calendar view

Use the Company Snapshot to get a clear, graphical overview of your company finances on a single screen. See clear cash flow figures, who owes you money, what bills you have to pay and more.

Calendar view shows you important tasks and transactions day-by-day on your QuickBooks calendar. It’s much easier to understand than scribbled notes in a desk diary. This gives you fully accurate information in an easy to use and understand graphical interface.

Easily track your sales leads

The QuickBooks Lead Center is a fast, efficient place to log every lead your business gets. Whether it’s a stab in the dark or a dead cert, it helps you follow up every single opportunity. This new CRM feature helps your business turn opportunities into sales with relevant and accurate information.

  • Log and track new leads – mark them hot, warm or cold create quotes and convert them to invoices plus more
  • When a potential customer calls, you can pull up their details in moments and even if it’s not you looking after the account you have everything you need in a second to help and sell to your customers
  • Made the sale? Convert a lead into a customer without re-entering information, quote and invoice in seconds.

Work with multiple currencies

Trade in over 145 currencies just as easily as you do in Euro.

  • Work with international customers in their own currencies
  • Convert back using the latest exchange rates, downloaded automatically
  • Understand gains and losses caused by rate fluctuations
  • Manage exporting or purchasing in a different currency with ease

Create budgets

QuickBooks makes it easy to keep your sales and spending on track by creating budgets for your business – even if you’ve never done it before. This management accounting feature helps you get more organize:

  • Set monthly, quarterly or annual budgets
  • Track your performance and compare what actually happens to what you expected
  • Share this information with staff and get buy in from your whole team

Stock control

View real-time stock levels from within your accounting software. This can be integrated with other systems such as dedicated POS software such as Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System to have a full and integrated solution for your business. Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics RMS gives your business a whole different level of business management. Use Microsoft RMS and QuickBooks to give your business that real edge in retailing or distribution a truly Multi Channel experience, ERP for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Number of users

Allow more than one person in your business to use QuickBooks at the same time, so it’s easier to get things done.


Microsoft Dynamics RMS integrated with Nitrosell a fully integrated e-commerce platform that allows you the user to sell online with information already held in your POS system; QuickBooks integration handles all the accounting while RMS and Nitrosell handle everything else. Become better than the best in business with this total multichannel solution. If you have multiple stores this is not an issue use Microsoft Dynamics RMS from Positive Solutions to control all your stores from one central HQ.

Build financial forecasts

Plan ahead effectively and anticipate future trends by creating financial forecasts for sales and expenses. Real business insight is what makes small business large businesses. Grow with precision and have insight that really lets you stand out from the rest.

Forecasts enable you to create different scenarios and examine how they would affect your business.

For example, you can check the cost implications of taking on an extra member of staff, or see how losing a key client would affect your cash flow. Know your business.

Create customised financial, sales and tax reports

QuickBooks reports help you makes sense of all your financial data, showing you what the figures are trying to tell you.

  • Browse the built-in library of reports
  • Generate reports in moments and customize to suit your company
  • See the overall picture or drill drown into figures by clicking reports
  • Balance sheet, Profit and Loss everything you need to close off your year are standard in QuickBooks

Save time on your accounts

Rattle off branded invoices in seconds, automate lengthy manual tasks or find anything in a jiffy … QuickBooks will save you time, all the time.

Get organized

Always looking for something? QuickBooks can store customer, supplier, staff and financial details, so you know where everything is.

Get going quickly

You’ll get started in just a few simple steps – and you can avoid unnecessary typing by importing your business contacts.

High speed invoicing

Create invoices without retyping information or opening different software. It’s so easy that you’ll invoice earlier and get paid sooner.

Real-time cash flow

Comfortably in the black or heading for the red (let’s hope not)? QuickBooks shows cash flow figures that are up-to-the-minute.

Bin your calculator

QuickBooks does tricky accounting and tax calculations for you, so you can ditch your calculator for good.

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