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Positive Retail Data Analysis

Retail Analytics with actionable insights instantly

Improve profitability and save time

Retail Data analysis is no longer a wish I had, It’s a must have. You lose sales every hour to your competition simply because they are analyzing their data better than you. They send targeted e-mail shots to their clients based on their buying behavior and products they have purchased in the past. Are you doing that?
Your clever competition is analyzing their inventory to the nth degree, they understand inventory turns over time, they have insight as to top selling and slow moving products and categories. They merchandise better using Market basket analysis so they know their most profitable areas in their store for the correct product placement and promotion.
Now the really clever part – only some of your competition are using some of these data sources and some do only a tiny amount of analysis, but it has great effects on sales and inventory management in their business. You can do more than them quicker and easier to really drive past them, our retail ePoS solutions collect this data for you automatically and we can give you the tools, already set up, to take action through our insights module. Collect all your data from your Omni – channel sources and display it using easy to understand and actionable visual aids. You can even set up schedules for this information to be e-mailed to you, best of all you can access this anywhere anytime once you have an internet connection as this is our Cloud based Analysis solution


    Reduce the time spent on creating and interpreting your reports.
    Typical time saved is 5h / store / month.
    That’s 5 Hours you can spend on your shop floor or devising retail strategies for your business. Instant Retail Data Analysis.

  • Boost sales throughout your organization

    Share actionable insights in your organization to boost the performance. Internal visibility and competition between stores can increase sales by up to 15%. Share insights on monitors in your Head Office for up to the minute information. Quickly spot trends or unusual behaviour instantly.

  • Targeted marketing

    Understand your customer behaviour and interests better. More relevant marketing increases campaign conversion rates by up to 100%. Targeted personal marketing campaigns directed to the right person at the right time with the right product and promotion. Simply view this data and act. 

  • Forecast demand

    Forecast demand more accurately and optimize inventory levels. Sophisticated forecasts help reduce stock levels by up to 20%. In turn giving you powerful insights as to what stock is in demand and should be afforded special focus.

  • Increase up and cross-selling

    Plan your assortment for increased cross-sell and up-sell. More efficient assortment and increased cross-sell lead to up to 15% increase in sales

  • Unveil the value in your data. Effortlessly. Like a pro.

    Benefit from various best practice analysis views and identify areas to improve. Stock, Sales, Staff and merchandising effortless Analysis with our powerful data tool.

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