Our Top 10 Reasons for Recommending POS

Training on Microsoft’s Retail Management System (RMS) Front of Shop and Back Office solutions for Retailers and Distributors in many business sectors

1. Reduce Operating & Labour Costs

Microsoft RMS automates your business eliminating your need to manually check stock, double enter accounts information, have separate credit card terminals and frees up your and your staff’s time.

2. POS Solutions Are Affordable

Microsoft Retail Management System is priced so it’s affordable for even the smaller retailers with just one point of sale. Typical savings 3% to 5% of turnover can be expected.

3. Easy to Use

Microsoft RMS is intended for use store cashiers and store managers. No lengthy training sessions are necessary. Built-in wizards and an intuitive, familiar user interface makes learning easy.

4. Eliminate Manual Stock Taking

Microsoft RMS streamlines your stock taking by implementing inventory tracking right at the point of sale. This will enable you to better view buying trends.

5. Eliminate Double Entry Book-keeping

By integrating credit card transaction processing into your business operations, you’ll help reduce data re-entry at the point of sale, and facilitate easier reporting and reconciliation of transactions at the end of the month. Integrating RMS with your accounting software means you eliminate the need for paper, cut down on errors and streamline and improve your book-keeping and tax record keeping processes.

6. Market More Effectively

While electronic cash registers automate individual transactions, Microsoft RMS enables you to keep track of customers’ entire purchasing histories. You’ll have a better sense of who your customers are and why they are buying.

7. Minimal Hardware Requirements

Microsoft RMS eliminates your need to have duplicate systems and seperate terminals for your credit card transactions, tills, inventory tracking and accounting. RMS centralises this information so you can manage your business remotely.

8. Easily Expand Your Business

Microsoft Retail Management System is scalable; you can keep the same software and systems as you grow into multiple stores and retail channels. You have a trusted provider too.

9. Keep Your Business Around Longer

Emerging and growing businesses are embracing technology. By automating your business you are establishing yourself in a position where you can be mobile and flexible to change. You can take advantage of new routes to sale and eliminate your overheads and limits forced on you from paper based systems.

10. You Can Go Home Earlier!

Those mundane tasks that used to take up your evenings are gone. You’ve automated your business and freed up your time. Enjoy it.

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