Stock control for retail
how do I manage stock better!

In order to grow and expand your retail business you need to control and manage what you sell and how you purchase, solid process in managing your stock while on and before it reaches your premises will help you grow.

Retailers like you need access to advanced sophisticated stock management and performance insight, managing stock, not holding too much or not holding enough can cause cash flow and sales problems not to mention dissatisfied customers. Understanding shrinkage, understanding promotions and markdowns are all considerations that need to be managed and form part of your inventory business strategy.

Positive Systems Solutions and our stock management software gives your business useful purposeful tools to help grow your margin, turn your stock into cash and reduce your stock holding. Powerful business analysis and data analytics empowers clever retailers with the knowledge to order and stock the correct product at the right time and display it in the correct space. Market basket analysis which can be provided by Positive can help you manage store layout and stock placement giving you added advantage over competition who simply cannot do this.

Using our solutions gives you immediate KPI (Key Performance Indication) data to make better more informed decisions. Our solutions coupled with your business know how aims to maximise your businesses ability to manage stock, strategically enhancing your stock management procedures. Our analytics and industry experience gives you competitive advantage that world leading retailers have at their fingertips helping you manage your stock/inventory investment aligning it with customer expectations and your business brand.

Integrating our stock control solutions with e-commerce and managing all aspects of the multichannel retail environment completes a stock management solution to exceed and over deliver on what you can expect from us.

One solution to manage all stock management

  • Integrate all stock processing functions from purchasing to invoice
  • Provide access to accurate real-time centralised stock across the organisation including multi location stock management.
  • Track stock at all levels including item, location and/or batch level
  • Enforce stock controls e.g., Stock Classification, minimum & maximum inventory level, shipping & storage requirements
  • With Positive Solutions you can control all aspects of stock control in your retail business Have meaningful insight on the P.O screen with KPI information, Stock Movement, Sales History and Order guidance all at a glance.
  • Export to excel functionality
  • Complete Stock Takes in a fraction of the time using handheld barcode scanners
  • Have correct information to avoid stock outs, to auto replenish, to forecast stock needs, Manage sessional stock, reduce shrinkage and have the ability to report fully on all this.
  • Integration with e-commerce
  • Integration with QuickBooks Accounting software

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