Retail Management Hero: The Power of Your Data


  • Export and import data direct from and to RMH
  • E-Receipts – Gather Customer information easily and this benefits your clients
  • E-Statements – Send customised e-statements from RMH again gathering customer information
  • Advanced Purchasing – GRN (Invoice Matching) – Match your invoices to purchased in RMH
  • Loyalty – Build Loyalty and track trends using RMH – Target specific, Products, Departments or customers with personalized offers
  • Advanced Accounts Receivable – Make your accounts customers love you with easy and advanced accounts receivables
  • Device Rendering – (Will fit screen size of device its running on) – Tablets, MPOS, Touch Screens and ordinary P.C’s
  • E-Commerce Integration – (Our Favourite NitroSell,  Magento, OpenCart & more..)
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing – One integrated POS solution
  • MPOS – (Mobile POS) – walk with your customers and ring up transactions as you do.

RMH is built on SQL as its database engine – this mean that your data can be accessed by you easily. RMH has many inbuilt reports and exports to excel for advanced interrogation. RMH can also link to many data analysis tools – we can even offer you this as a service, we can even should you how to do this yourself. RMH is a powerful stock management solution with reports for you to analyse your stock information easily and quickly on a daily basis. RMH has standard items, Matrix for fashion, Kits , assembles, Weight Items, Serialized Items and full management of all these.

RMH allows for you to easily spot trends within your organization, be that customers buying behaviours or product best sellers and more importantly products that don’t. The customer journey is equally important and RMH allows you to have one seamlessly integrated solution throughout your Retail operation.  Integrate e-commerce, credit card terminals and mobile devices allowing you to be truly Omni-channel. In doing all this you can report on all aspects of your business from one application, integrate powerful data analysis software and you are a truly powerful retail operation with information and knowledge right at your fingertips, you will be the envy of your competition.

Talk to us today and we can have you up and running in no time at all.