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Professional POS system for General Retail

From Fashion & Sports retailers, to Supermarkets, to Health Food stores and Bookstores, the retail industry is very diverse, but also highly competitive, fast-paced, and full of challenges.

Now more than ever, retailers, who want to be successful, need to provide their customers with an outstanding shopping experience, no matter if in store, online or on their mobiles.

If your customers cannot find what they are looking for, you might lose not just a sale but also their return business. On the other hand, a large inventory can tie up considerable working capital and limit flexibility and response time in front of market fluctuations.

But that’s not  all, managing healthy levels of inventory can be affected also by specific industry issues, such as seasonality in the fashion business, becoming outdated in various industry’s or the problem of perishable goods for grocery or health food retailers.

Discover flexible retail software solutions and easy-to-use retail POS systems that can help you streamline your business, increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Forget the pains of setting up, managing and maintaining multiple applications which are hard to use and integrate.

Positive Solutions can offer you an all-in-one retail management system that helps you manage your whole business stress-free from your main office – through just one single, simple-to-use software platform.

From point of sale (POS) terminals through inventory management, reporting, e-commerce you can manage your day-to-day retail operations easily and quickly, growing your business through well informed business decisions and strengthening your customer base through highly customizable promotions, all handled from the same fully integrated retail software solution.

Predictive Analytics

Incorporating predictive analytic tools, RMH helps retailers improve demand forecast accuracy and suggest better allocation and replenishment strategies.

Retailers experience improved accuracy on the store floor and decreased time spent with order processing.

Inventory Management

If a customer can’t find what he or she wants on your website or at your store, you will lose your sale to a competitor.

RMH eliminates this risk with powerful inventory management capabilities that allow retailers to keep tabs on their stock in real time, and receive sales-data analysis so they can make more informed inventory purchase.

What can our software solutions do for you?

Gain Efficiency

Speed up your operational decision making by managing back office and POS with a single organizational system.

Take Control of your Inventory

Improve your store management and reduce inventory costs in your stores and warehouses.

Streamline your Financial Process

Save time and money by cutting your end-of-day processes & manage your customers accounts process more efficiently.

Gain Happy Returning Customers

Built in Loyalty Programme
Gift Card Programme

Extend | Customise | Scale

RMH is built to allow for a multitude of third-party add on integrations and application services.

Become More Agile

React swiftly to changes in the market with our flexible and highly integrated business solution.

RMH Functional Overview

Loyalty | Gift Cards | E-Receipts

Manage your customer Loyalty programmes that allow retailers to offer the same functions as their big box competition. Increase your seasonal sales by providing customers with the facility of Gift Cards.  Provide E-Receipts to Customers at the POS.

Manage your stock by SKU on a daily basis | Organise by supplier | Organise by Dept, Category, Sub Category. | Creation of Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Wizards | Credit Note Management |Seamless Transfer of Stock to other Stores | Organise your Stock by Supplier

RMH’s powerful inventory management allows retailers to keep tabs on their stock in real time, and provide sales-data analysis that help them make more informed inventory purchases. Predictive analytic tools to help buy more precisely can increase sales and profits.

Creation of Item Messages to Increase upselling techniques | Create Item Matrices | Create Labels/SEL’S for your products

Manage your individual assembly items with our Assembly function that makes it easier to build your bicycles.

Sales | Items | Accounts | Customers | Purchasing | Stock Holding

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