Retail Technology – Ah give me some advice!  

Who do I listen to? Well, It’s not the guys telling you to change what’s working !

We have many clients with very different retail operational structures. Some formed by opening a store, some have formed from Social Media and more started life online. They find us because we solve problems for them. Mind, you do need an actual store or a warehouse with stock though for us to help, we help you manage the supply chain, the stock and the Retail/Distribution part of your business.

We have been giving advice for many years to all forms of clients. We pride ourselves on being Omni – Channel experts, this however does not mean that we develop or work exclusively on all platforms.

We do work with the best world class Retail Software for managing your retail business. This includes stock management, customer management, all POS functions, loyalty, analytics, promotions, purchasing, debtors and the staff in your business. Integrations are also something we pride ourselves on doing, in conjunction with great retail clients.

Our solutions are cloud enabled meaning that potions or all the solution has cloud capabilities, for example you may have your Data analytics as a cloud solution integrated “Linked” to our EPOS solution.

We take the time to understand your business, this point is vital. We look at what you have, where you would like to go, and we make suggestion based on this! It’s called listening to the Customer. Never do we try to sell you something to suit us. If you have a partner that is not listening to you, well then it’s costing you money, money that your competition is saving and using to beat you over the head with.

So, remember if you are not being given options, you are giving your competition money and customers which equals you losing out. Be mindful of who is telling you what, and for what purpose.

If your Retail Technology partner is talking about you and your relationship as a client of theirs in 5/10 years’ time, well then you’ve probably got a decent partner. If they talk about, it would be easier for us if we did this !!! then grab your coat.

You lose money, face and customers to your competition if their partner is better at forming a cohesive plan for longevity of the relationship. Choose wisely and talk to us today if you are not getting this level of relationship.