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Streamlining eCommerce Order Processing:

RMH Shipping Integration at Central Sports

In the scenic town of Kilrush, Co Clare, Central Sports, a prominent player in the sports retail industry, was facing a common yet significant challenge in their day-to-day operations. They had a thriving online presence, but the process of creating shipping labels for eCommerce orders was causing headaches. Manually switching between platforms, copy-pasting details, and dealing with typos led to shipping errors, consumed valuable time, and created operational inefficiencies.

“No shipping errors, saving valuable time, cost efficient, no more copying & pasting…….brilliant!”- Tom Whelan

Shipping Integration Overview

Central Sports relies on Retail Management Hero (RMH), a robust point-of-sale system, to manage its sales operations. To tackle the shipping label challenge head-on, they aimed to integrate seamlessly with two major shipping carriers, An Post and DPD. Their primary goal was clear: streamline the entire eCommerce order packing process, reduce errors, and accelerate order processing.

Solution Provided

The solution came in the form of a partnership with Shiptheory. Positive Retail developed an integration for Shiptheory that would revolutionise Central Sports’ operations. This integration bridged RMH with Shiptheory, an innovative platform serving as the intermediary between sales channels and a global network of carriers. By integrating the platform, the team and Central Sports can create a Shipping Label right from the POS application in a couple of clicks!

One of the key highlights of the RMH shipping integration is its ease of use. Staff at Central Sports required no special training to harness its power. It’s a straightforward and efficient tool that immediately contributed to their operational success.

Implementation Process

The implementation process was smooth and hassle-free. Positive Retail’s experts worked closely with Central Sports to ensure the integration seamlessly integrated with their existing RMH point of sale system, current e-commerce platform (Websell) and shipping carriers.

Benefits and Results

Since the integration’s implementation, Central Sports has achieved a flawless track record with zero shipping errors. More than that, they’ve saved an impressive 10 hours per week previously spent on picking and processing orders. These newfound efficiencies have significantly improved their overall business operations, as well as aided a smoother customer experience for Central Sports customers.

With the integration in place, Central Sports now can process a higher volume of orders in a shorter timeframe, all while requiring fewer staff members.

Shipping Integration Demo
Central Sports Store Front

In the picturesque town of Kilrush, Central Sports has found a way to streamline its eCommerce order processing that has changed the game for them. Through the power of a well-thought-out shipping label integration, they’ve eliminated errors, saved precious time, and set themselves up for future growth and success.

At Central Sports, they’ve realised that seamless integrations can be the key to unlocking efficiency and growth in your business. If you’re facing similar challenges or seeking ways to optimise your operations, don’t hesitate to reach out to explore how integration solutions like theirs could be tailored to your unique needs.

Retail Management Hero & Shiptheory

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