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The Shoe Box: If the POS Solution Fits, Wear It
– RMH Success Story

‘The Shoe Box’ retail store, nestled in a quaint commuter town just outside of Dublin, Ireland, recently found a one-size-fits-all point-of-sale (POS) solution: Retail Management Hero (RMH).

After noticing there was a huge need by families for a local store that catered to children’s footwear of all ages, Stephen Delaney started a retail brick-and-mortar shop that could grow as children grew. It meant that families would finally have one convenient place to fit fast-growing feet – from toddler age all the way into adulthood.

Stephen, a retail industry veteran of 20+ years, knew exactly what he needed in his retail POS system. He had already experienced much success with the now sunsetted Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and was looking for the ideal next-generation replacement solution. And so, he did his due diligence, studied a lot of POS product options, and ultimately landed on RMH as the best choice software.

Positive Systems Solutions customer story shoe box
Positive Systems Solutions customer story shoe box

Factoring into that decision was the company that could not only sell him RMH but also support him in everything from installation and configuration, to training and operational use.

“I felt that Positive Solutions was the optimal company for me to work with, as they really have a hands-on team,” says Stephen. “As a retailer with a start-up, I couldn’t afford to waste time with any installation headaches or software support issues. They came in and helped me get up and running easily and quickly, and also trained me on it.”

Ask Stephen about his favourite RMH feature, and he’d tell you all about the insightful business information he’s able to collect and analyse.

“I’m really appreciating the stock management functionality. My store has more than 140 styles of shoes, so I need to know on a daily basis which styles are selling and which aren’t, and if my profit margins are right, so that I can adjust my inventory levels accordingly. It’s definitely peace of mind knowing I have the right information to make the right decisions. Believe me, you won’t get that type of insight with a run-of-the-mill POS system,” he says.

Since The Shoe Box is just a few months old and is rapidly ‘growing its feet’ in the region, the issue of scalability is front and centre in Stephen’s mind.

“I’m still discovering all the features available in RMH and learning the similarities and differences between it and RMS. I’m a fan of all the extended RMH reports. And even though I’m not yet leveraging all the functionality in the system, it’s a comfort to know that RMH can grow as we grow.”

Check out The Shoe Box’s Facebook page to see just how fast they’re already running…

Positive Systems Solutions customer story shoe box

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