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The Tail of Pet Shop and a Point of Sale - The Pet Experts

Positive Systems Solutions customer story pet experts
Positive Systems Solutions RMH Store
Positive Systems Solutions customer story pet experts
Positive Systems Solutions customer story pet experts

The “Tail” of a Pet Shop and a Point of Sale – The Pet Experts

This is the happy story about a pet store and a point of sale solution that came together to create a powerful customer loyalty program.

It began earlier this year when Stephan Walpole opened his new 4,000 sq. foot retail store, The Pet Experts, to give dog and cat owners in Ireland convenient access to organic and fresh pet food and natural treats. And since his business also included a full-service grooming studio, Doggie Daycare, overnight boarding and behavioral training, Stephen knew he needed a complete point-of-sale (POS) system that managed it all – from inventory, to transactions, to customers.

As a service-driven business, Stephan knew the importance of not only attracting but also retaining customers. It’s why his primary determining factor in selecting a POS system was its customer loyalty functionality. After all, he would tell you, being able to fully understand your customer base is key to growing your business exponentially.

So, after researching various options, Stephen chose the winning combination: the Retail Management Hero (RMH) POS solution, provided by Positive Solutions, Ireland’s exclusive RMH Distributor to help set his store up for long-term technological success.

“I wanted an affordable and user-friendly POS system that also came with complete and advanced loyalty functionality,” says Stephan. “Being a retailer in the pet industry for almost a decade, I’ve learned that if you don’t have a customer loyalty strategy in place, you’ll really go nowhere in the long-term. RMH lets me create a frequent buyer program and target my more than 1,500 customers (and growing every day!) with ongoing offers and promotions that are in line with their product interests and purchase history.”
And since Stephen started his business from the ground up only a couple of months ago, he definitely appreciated the quick and easy RMH installation at the point of sale. He attributes that to both the product and the company who sold it to him.

“With Positive Solutions, I was able to completely install, set up and start using RMH in less than a day! Their team imported all my stock into the system, trained me on the basic features and functions, and got me up and running very smoothly,” he says. “And they’ve been great helping me with software updates, which I love because it gives me confidence that RMH has its finger on the pulse of retail trends and technologies and is evolving as such.”
If you happen to visit Stephen anytime soon, ask him to name a couple of additional features he’s especially leveraging in RMH; we’re betting he’ll talk about its helpful stock control and automatic reordering features.

And then be sure to stay awhile in his store to see how his business is helping to make the pet world a much healthier place.

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