Upgrading from RMS or simply looking for a new system – RMH Has what you need.

Retail Management Hero - Logo Powerful POS from Positive Solutions

If you are already using Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) or looking to upgrade your current solution? We’ve got you everything you need in Retail Management Hero (RMH). With Retail Management Hero the transition is seamless and quick. The solution is based on the highly successful RMS system so keeping your data, existing hardware and anything else tied to your current system can be easily upgraded to RMH – “we help of course”.

RMH includes all the features that retailers love in RMS – Layaways, Work Orders, CRM, Integration ability, and many of the hot keys, for example, do the same in RMH as they do in RMS. Also, RMH supports the majority of the hardware supported by RMS, avoiding the expense of costly upgrades in IT infrastructure “once you are on Windows 7 and above”.

Retailers like you will appreciate the added and enhanced functionality and features in RMH. For example, the RMH interface was completely rewritten for both the front office and back office. RMH will render to different sized screens so for example it will run beautifully on a Tablet (mPOS) There are major improvements in the back office, especially to Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control, and Accounts Receivable. RMH’s Advanced Accounts Receivable feature can manage individual and grouped accounts for families and groups of people. The POS includes user-defined color schemes, completely new technology that will be portable across platforms, as well as sophisticated SDK for developers to customize the solution both in the front and back office. There are also additional payment processors to RMH to facilitate global options for credit card / debit / other mobile wallet solutions.

All in all, RMH is simply Powerful POS – we believe this is the most powerful and feature full POS on the market today. We also have integration to your e-commerce platforms with full integration out of the box to NitroSell. We also work with Magneto, Open cart, Woo Commerce and many more for a truly Omni-Channel EPOS solution.

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