What’s Next in Retail?

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No longer are customers happy with fragmented experiences, they want to be not only recognised in store but also on line on all platforms and they want you to be socially integrated to them too. We are Microsoft’s Retail software partner here in Ireland, and we are already here with seamless integrated Retail technology that fits your business.

Omni-Channel is not only a buzz word for large retailers, Small to medium retailers can capitalize on this technology and are generally more agile and can move faster than your larger competitors so innovation is easier.  

We can connect the dots for you in your retail organisation, we can integrate e and m commerce to your EPOS solution supplied by us (sometimes by others too). We can then help you analyse the data you gather by just being a retailer and harness its power helping you sell more and better serve your customers. 

What if we could help you reduce stock holding, if we could help you sell more of the products your customers want and give you the ability to target with specific offers, products that make you the most margin and make your customer love you more for it? Sounds a little too good to be true, well it’s not, this is easily achieved with technology we can supply and services we offer and no snake oil salesman talk along the way (snake oil tastes horrid). 

Statistics for Ireland show that over 27% of online sales are being derived from smart phones and 10% coming from tablet type devices, this trend is growing with P.C online sales dropping year on year. A statistic also worth noting is that even though online is definitely a large growth area, in store sales are still over 80% of all retail sales and don’t seem to be pushed down as fast as once thought by online. Well what this means for you is this, ecommerce and now mcommerce (mobile commerce) are definitely growth areas and you need to be online and in your customer’s pockets, but they are foremost a driver of people into your brick and mortar store this is most important. Great to get a sale online but better to get them into your store and let them experience the human touch.

Omni Channel – where does this fit in the mix, while we discussed online and in-store above both complement each other but, to be truly Omni Channel you need to have these fully integrated and not only your direct sales channels. Omni for retail includes your supply chain e.g. your delivery partner, social media, your loyalty system and your employees. Your customer needs to experience the same level of service and contact through all these channels, no point in having the best product full and SEO friendly website which looks top class and a Facebook page that resembles a  kids doodle with outdated or unprofessional content, key here is consistent seamless experience for the customer.

Finally, what’s next is ever evolving we are definitely entering an age where more and more in order to succeed not only retail but professional life we have to become truly integrated. Retail more than others will utilize more technology than most industries as Omni Channel is simply expected and possibly rightly so. Look internally and outwards to achieving innovation in your retail business and in doing so let us manage and implement the technology to allow and help you to achieve this.

Many thanks for reading, Damien O’ Driscoll Retail Technology Director Positive Solutions

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